What is the DHS Hall of Fame? 

The purpose of the Davis Senior High School Hall of Fame (HOF) is to recognize outstanding Alumni, Faculty, staff, friends and benefactors who during and/or after their high school years have achieved a level of excellence deserving of recognition in Athletics, Fine Arts, their personal endeavors and in their support of Davis Senior High School either as a staff or faculty member or a member of the community. 


Who can be inducted into the DHS Hall of Fame?

All eligible Alumni nominees must have graduated ten (10) years prior to nomination.  The contribution of the individual must be outstanding, leaving no question as to the individual's inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

The number of posthumous nominees inducted each year will be limited to one (1) unless there are extenuating and unforeseen circumstances.


Do you have to be a DHS Graduate to be nominated for the DHS Hall of Fame?

Yes In every category except for faculty/staff and friend/benefactor

How do I nominate someone for the DHS Hall of Fame?

Click here or mail to p.o. box


When are nominations accepted?

Need to rethink this since event is every two years. 

Maybe nominations as accepted all year, any time?


If the person I nominate does not get initially inducted must I nominate again?

No, nominations are rolled over to subsequent years


How are the DHS Hall of Fame Inductees selected?

Independent selection committee


Who is on the DHS Hall of Fame selection committee?

Selection Committee Membership and Organization

School Board Member

High School Principal

Fine Arts Faculty Member

Athletic Director

Davis High School Alumni Association Board Member, past or present

One member graduate 1950 to 1980

One member graduate 1980 to 2010

Two members at-large

Encouraging, Strengthening and Sustaining the Interaction Between Davis Senior High School and its Allumni.